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And hey, it could save them some embarrassment too.

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Between Wikipedia, Web MD, and an endless number of blogs, the resources are there, and all of us rely on this seemingly magic genie of knowledge that is Yahoo Answers.

(Now if only these folks thought twice before included their headshot on their icon or filling out their profile information).

We really don't need to trace these bizarre statements back to real humans.

Barbara Greenberg offers helpful ways to get through Mother’s Day if you don’t have a mom.

Some of her suggestions include celebrating the women and the men in your lives who have “mothered” you and considering letting the nurturing individuals in your life know how much they mean to you. Greenberg says, “Perhaps you might visit them on this day or even write them a note about the role that they play in your life. Barbara Greenberg Identifying Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues in Boys ody image issues and eating disorders, you might be inclined to focus on how frequently women and girls are affected.

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