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But now scammers are calling people and telling them that they need to pay for a new card or for expedited service (you don't).

Experts say the government is automatically sending the new cards to all 58 million Medicare beneficiaries — for free — so there's no need to pay anyone for anything.

To learn more: https://org/site/SPage Navigator/FWN_Operation Protect Often playing out over the course of weeks or months, you find yourself falling for someone you've never met, but who's always there to lend an ear and encouraging words.

Over time, as the relationship gets deeper and more solid, they ask you for money, maybe to help them out of a jam or to buy a ticket for a trip together.

I want to take a few moments to tell you why I am so excited about this chair yoga for seniors video series.

Every day, I talk to older men and women who want to get more from life.

Experts say the scammers will often steal photos from real people and use them to create dating profiles (that happened to this reporter).They then may work up to an exchange of naughty pictures or texts — and then when they ask for money, they threaten to share the pictures with your friends and family if you don't pay up.My name is Margaret Manning and I am the founder of Sixty and Me, a community of over 100,000 amazing women over 60.Be even more wary if they send you a check with instructions to deposit it and then forward a portion of that to someone else in taxes or fees.Real government-run lotteries withhold taxes before you ever get a dime.

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