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What’s emerged from that simple introductory question is a relationship built upon the principles of Synergy that have helped Debbie and I face my tendency to run and haul me back. Indeed, there were more than a few times when the magnetic pull of running away nearly dragged me from the potential of this relationship back to the place I started: that dreamland where reality was nothing compared to the creative world existing in my mind.

Instead, Debbie and I have crafted an even greater reality than that dreamland.

I love this book and I have been telling many about it.

It demonstrate what a person should look for in a relationship, how to go about dating and also what you do to get that perfect relationship how to continue that after the relationship is started or after marriage.

The idea is that the sight of one's wife with another man serves as an unconscious biological trigger that creates a sense of sexual urgency, results in more passionate, longer-lasting sex and causes the cheated-upon spouse to produce more sperm – all evolved responses that up his odds of impregnating her.

No longer does the mistrust that plagued my previous romantic endeavors exist.

I’m now in a relationship where I trust completely.

At a certain point, my tendency to run became ingrained in how I went about my romantic life.

Always afraid of a relationship ending in failure, I ran even from the good. I arrived in the Basic looking for a passion to drive a new career.

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