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We rock,” the excited Molly congratulated her co-star.

“Right,” Kaitlyn agreed as she gave her on-screen sister a high five.

However as soon as the director yelled cut her mind went back to working on her plan, especially so when the girl with auburn hair was shooting with her.

But it was because of her filming that a great idea came to her.

However Molly stopped as she turned the corner and approached their space.

Standing in the open doorway of her change room was Kaitlyn, who was right next to another girl that Molly didn’t recognize. Molly’s attention was reaching a fever pitch in anticipation, and she made sure to hide further behind the corner to make sure they felt like they had privacy.

She heard one of the grips on set say something to her so Molly turned around to address them while still bent over.

Why shouldn’t she just play up that trope in real life to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was a typical 18 year old, which meant that she thought she knew everything, even more so based on the fact that she was popular and successful.“Really need the distraction.” The unknown girl smiled before giving Kaitlyn a wink followed by another parting kiss.She turned on the spot and descended the three stairs, helped by the auburn haired beauty giving her a smack on her bottom much like she had done to Molly at the end of their last scene. I’m finding a way into her pants.” Molly knew she had to play it just right with the younger girl.However, once she was caught looking by Molly, Kaitlyn quickly turned her attention elsewhere before walking back to her trailer. While Molly’s sexuality on-set was unknown, Kaitlyn’s was also a mystery though there were hints.The brunette was actually a full-fledged lesbian, as she had stopped fucking men back during college and been with women only, enjoying the soft curves of females over rough fucking of men.

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