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when we seen him off in the railway stn (sat evening) we all came to her house requested for tea she was not smelling anything odd, said ok.

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it was during one of the exchanges i had given her one blue film cd(eng) i could not understand her strange behaviour as not talking properly when i was collecting those cds back from her. i told her very patiently and she started liking for those cds as she told me pls if u dont mind can i get more of those cds?

it was then when saw those cds in my system that what blunder i made. (guys really speaking i was spell bound) she requested me not to say to anyone(of course my friends had smelled it anyway).

it was saturday morning and i was feeling sick i was on leave so i went to her to ask apology. it was routine that whatever cds we see , i used to give it to her and i liked her comments on those cds about position and duration etc.

of course my intention was to say her it is not intentional . i got her id and we chatted in yahoo msg.( i used to chat in front of her husband in office she is from home .is it).

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