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After MBA, I wish to join a reputed Technology and Strategic solution organization, such as Accenture or IBM, as an IT Strategy Consultant.

My time analyzing and implementing IT strategies for clients will provide me the opportunity to understand a range of strategic business issues and their resolutions, as well as substantial insight into the art of business development.

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This detail keeps the readers' interest alive that are now curious to learn more about this candidate who consistently aims to raise the bar.Then he proceeds to explain his plan of gradually moving towards his long term goals.Thus, he presents himself as a candidate who is not only ambitious and realistic about his goals but also has a clearly laid out vision of fulfilling them.I am a senior consultant at XXX Financial Services, and my short term goal is to join a reputed Technology and Strategic solution organization as an IT Strategy Consultant.Beginning your essay like this is like telling the whole story in the first sentence itself.

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