Oracle triggers when updating

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER test BEFORE UPDATE OR DELETE ON test FOR EACH ROW WHEN ( NVL (new.user_id, -999999) NVL (OLD.stts_id, -999999) ) Is there any other effective way.

Thanks Koshal In the question I asked, I used the when clause.

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This question is Hi Tom We got a de-normalized table with around 150 columns and around 50 millions rows. Dont you think we need such feature in Oracle, if not already available.

Figure 17-3 can i defined a check such that any user (even the owner) can insert the records into column 'x' but no update should be done on column 'x'?

Is that something can be achieved without using Triggers?

We dont want (logic inside) the Trigger to be executed for this new-module (as per business use-case), so i took the following steps.

1) Define a new application context APP_CTX 2) set dbms_session.

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