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Many felt overlooked and that they became invisible after the menopause.Margaret, 67 from Oxfordshire told us: “We still feel as though we have a right to be a sexual being as well as everything else. ” “Younger people nowadays must think: ‘Oh God, that’s gross, you know, granny’s at it,'” Myra, 67, in Essex, told us.But as well as offering the possibility of greater sexual fulfilment, the internet is also throwing up new challenges and dangers.“It’s the secret sex life of your parents and grandparents.” That’s what one 70-year-old woman in Somerset told Channel 4 News.I have never had an oral orgasm before, but I have had oral for a bit.

If he has given you an oral orgasm before, makes sure you stress how amazing he is when he preforms oral on you.

BUT you must talk to him about what these wants and needs are. And then how do I get him to do it I know that for me an oral sex orgasm is completely different then a vaginal orgasm. Also how do I convey to my boyfriend that I really want and borderline need the oral orgasm? Both leave me drained, but one..wheww drained.a good way. I've been told this a number of times, by men friends and two formers of my own. If he already does it, but just not to the degree you want, that's a different question. If he's not already giving you oral sex.....chances are you won't be getting "good" oral sex even if you ask for it!!

Not necessarily with the same verbiage, but the act is the same. Two fingers (maybe the fist) rammed in their during oral while he's not expecting it = equals extreme orgasm. You should engage in a conversation about what turns the both of you on and then convey what you really like. Two fingers (maybe the fist) rammed in their during oral while he's not expecting it = equals extreme orgasm. I have yet to meet a man that gave good enough oral to give me an orgasm if he didn't initiate it in the first place!

If he's not willing to at least try.....you might seriously consider whether you want to spend any length of time with a man that cant/wont give you what you need.

I am CERTAIN that an orgasm for ME, achieved from oral stimulation is VERY different from a vaginal orgasm, because I do not have a vagina.

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