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The majority of women say orgasm is a function of the clitoris but there's...some debate." The flying monkeys from the HERS foundation are busy all over the internet telling women that they know first hand how great the loss of uterine orgasms are and should a woman post anywhere that a hysterectomy did not affect her ability to have orgasms, they will respond en masse that it's because she's never had a proper orgasm, so she doesn't really know and shouldn't be trusted.In humans and most living things, the data that makes an organism what it is is contained in a tiny molecule called DNA.

You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.

When the cells combined in your mother's body, you were the result.

A sperm cell consists of two parts, the head and the tail.

(The sperm is the small white cell to the left.)A sperm cell is the male sex cell.

All animals (and many other types of organisms) produce what are called sex cells.

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