Over forties dating sites

okcupid more younger men looking for short term things.

I also seem to attract the polyamourous, who mostly seem to live in Oxford for some reason.

It's something of a fallacy that only 'decent' people will be on paid sites.

There are plenty of weirdos (of both sexes) on both the free and the paid sites. All the men I have encountered via POF (with possibly 1 exception) have been vanishers, timewasters, married - but pretending to be single, perverts, sex-obsessed nutters, unattractive, unintelligent, misogynistic, racist, sexist, homophobic.... OKC is a haven for the polyamorous, fetishists etc. MSF is terrible, very low traffic and most people aren't subscribed. Run by Christians and won't let anyone spearated but not divorced be a member . I am actually meeting one guy for coffee in an hour and another one tomorrow afternoon.

But you can answer loads of questions to refine your search which works fairly well so they don't seem to throw up people who are completely unlikely.

ie don't suggest tories when you are clearly more socialist etc. I had a lot of weird experiences last year on another site called RSVP.

I'm in my 50s and I've tried: grown up dating (no response to messages, no messages); older dating (one coffee date with a couple of guys but no response from the seemingly better-suited ones I messaged); ivory towers ( ditto); and currently trying out guardian soul mates but similar experience.

These cock hungry mature women are having the time of their lives and without fresh young cock like yours it just wouldn’t be possible for them to go for gold, so for that they thank you.

Hes now been sating someone he met through friends for 6 months or so.

I remember there was a very good thread last year where someone like you was setting up dates with single mumsnetters - I haven't followed it but it looked very promissingoh, and there was another one where mumsnetter was looking for a date for her ex HI would love to have found out if either was successful It all depends.

I dont have any experience with dating sites, so wonder if its this website that's the problem - should he try Match or e Harmony instead?

If anyone has positive experiences which sites do you recommend for finding a love-match?

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