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Deforestation is proceeding most rapidly in the Colón, Darién, and Bocas del Toro provinces.

Panama is a vital link in the Meso-American Biological Corridor, which connects the ecosystems of North and South America — 122 species of migratory birds pass through the country each year.

In modern times, Panama trying to balance economic development with environmental protection.

Sadly, the Panamanian government can do a poor job protecting the natural areas, and watchdog agencies often lack real power to do anything about it.

Industry — whether in the form of tourism or mining operations — can exact a huge toll on nature.

When roads are built, real-estate developments, hydroelectric projects, and farms often follow.

As Panama watched other countries in the region work to protect their own natural resources, some in the government took notice and urged their country to follow suit.

Panama’s economy has always been tied to its unique geography and pleasant climate.

The Panamanian government also continues to allow mining operations and hydroelectric projects into environmentally sensitive areas.Like other countries in South and Central America, Panama has faced serious environmental issues.For much of the country’s history, money took precedence over conservation, and an ethic of “man over nature” pervaded the culture.This awareness of environmental issues will have a huge impact on the country’s future.In the second half of the 20th century, Panama saw almost half of its remaining primary forests wiped out.

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