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Be Yourself: It’s an old cliché, but it’s important to be yourself while you chat to the woman.

The reason for this is that anything else makes you look needy and desperate – if you would change yourself to suit someone you just met then it will be obvious that you’re not really as confident as she thought.

How can you have lots of fun, impress the guys and eventually find love?

Here we’ll look at some strategies you can use to ‘pull’ on a more regular basis, and that should see your success rate increase dramatically.

This makes you come across as a bit shy, so what you should do instead is to chat to all of them equally and involve the whole group.

Offer Her a Drink: When the time is right and you’ve been chatting for a while offer the girl you like a drink (i.e. This sends out a strong signal that it is indeed her you’re interested in and by accepting the drink or turning it down she is essentially letting you know if she is reciprocating the feeling.This basically says you’ve looked her up and down and approve, and leaves her in no doubt that you’re interested. Smile: Smile is underrated and we don’t do it enough these days.If you catch someone’s eye when dancing or waiting to be served, then try just shooting them a broad smile.This is a big part of the male psyche and it causes many problems – contributing to men’s cheating, to mid life crises and to teenage angst.In the perfect world then, a man would be a ‘player’ for a bit, sleeping with several women and generally gaining lots of experiences, and would then feel like he had done enough to settle down with a woman of his choice once he reached a more mature age. How do you become the guy that every girl wants to go home with or at least trade numbers with?

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