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Based on this information, people can decide how to behave.

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Synthesis of Car Styling: Design Upgrades Based On Strategic Styling Positioning. Paper presented at the 37th ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 18-20 June 2015, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Thus, Digital Noose works to value the termination and resurrection processes of our ego and create a new physical community with people who have similar perspectives, with whom we can enjoy our forgotten paradise.

Strategic Design Management for Vertically Differentiated Firms via Design Quantification. This could also be achieved if death is implied in an immortal digital world.

Permanent death is a way to empower responsibilities and promote certain behaviours in real life.

Black and white LCDs represent minutes, color LCDs represent hour.

Image-based Tactile Emojis: Improved Interpretation of Message Intention and Higher Emotional Clarity for Visually Impaired Individuals. We used sixty black and white LCDs and twelve color LCDs for Redial clock.

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