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She may epitomize the saying "those who can do; those who can't teach," but she grew her business in 10 years from a home office to a company employing more than 45 employees and now sells Millionaire's Club franchises (starting at 0,000) overseas.While she has not married a millionaire; her business skills have turned her into one herself."Look at famous people now getting engaged in their 40s," she said. Use that intuition we all have to date." I will continue to share how my dating life is progressing."The whole saying about being over 40 and not finding love is simply not true." Stanger is confident that as you mature, you can still follow the road to love. Hopefully there will be some good news soon, and I can let Stanger know she was right.But with this dance, the people are there for all kinds of reasons: some are looking to make friends, others are looking for a companion for one night, and a few are looking for long term relationships.What has been an ongoing feeling for me is that online dating is like "shopping" for a mate rather than really looking for a partner.On camera, she routinely cusses out her staff, her clients, would-be suitors who come in for interviews, and has even cut off her own mother on her show, while quipping to her father the best "oral" she ever had was with actor Randy Quaid (she was 23 years old at the time.) She has skillfully created an artificial demand for her services by accepting clients, then kicking them out of her club when they break a "rule" or offend her.To become a client is not as easy as being wealthy and able to afford her fees (,000 to ,000); Stanger limits her clients to ten per year.

She launched an online clothing line in 2012 and offers high-end (and high-priced) peripheral services through her website including plastic surgeons, counseling, makeover services, chefs, and a host of other services to improve your appearance and enhance your appeal to the opposite sex.Although Stanger (who was once engaged, but broke it off over a disagreement about having children) is single, she loves the matchmaking business and was willing to put heart and soul and many long hours into building her business.She loves what she does and her enthusiasm for "love" (at least as she understands it) shines through.Stanger shared with me the top tips for women over 40 looking for love: -Get online. People feel more confident after working out, and can be more open to meeting someone. It can be easy to lose focus if you are dating different people, so try to date one person at a time and see if it works out.The local dating pool is very small, so try to date outside of your city or town -- this increases your chances of finding your soulmate. 10 years up and 10 years down is fine, but anything older or younger probably won't work. They tend to be looking for long term relationships and stability. I was still feeling slightly pessimistic about dating in my 40s, but Stanger challenged my thinking.

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