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Still, she was able to handle the crowd and give her talk.Afterward, some of the hecklers followed her to the restaurant where she was dining with the students who had brought her to campus, and they had a mostly friendly discussion, she said.Though OCRL advertised Christina Hoff Sommers as a feminist with a “perspective that differs from the general Oberlin population,” they failed to mention that she is a rape denialist.A rape denialist is someone who denies the prevalence of rape and denies known causes of it.Dear community members: The Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians are bringing Christina Hoff Sommers to speak on Monday, April 20.This Monday happens to be a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which makes the timing of this talk particularly objectionable.The end of the 16 Days is December 10, International Human Rights Day.Finally, after almost two years, this study/book is completed enough to at least post to the site.

It only took me 5 minutes on our sketch remote mountain connection).“People are always eager to censor and to find new excuses, and this is original, that it undermines your personal safety and subjects you to panic attacks to hear a dissident opinion,” she said.But students may increasingly feel entitled to this pernicious kind of security—protection from new ideas.The sisters, known as the "Unforgettable Butterflies," became a symbol of violence against women in Latin America.Women's activists have marked November 25 as a day against violence since 1981 and on December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated November 25 (the anniversary of the day of the murder of the Mirabal sisters) as the annual date for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in commemoration of the sisters.

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