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An employee told us that they don’t know when the Sex Palace will be closing.

According to the Dutch newspaper “Het Parool” this is last peepshow of Amsterdam, according to “De Telegraaf” and Vice the Sex Palace is even the last peep show in the Netherlands!

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In these private cabins, the visitor and the performer are still separated by a window, but in these cabins they can give each others certain instructions.

In April 2014, the Amsterdam Sex Palace announced that it will close its doors.

It offers a variety of sex shows which can be viewed from a small cabin (or booth) which allows one or two persons.

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It’s possible to get a private booth with the performer, obviously for a higher rate.

Usually it is one female stripper, but once an hour you can see a couple in action.

If you put 2 euro into the coin slot, the window will rise for 2 minutes.

Van Otten has stated that he wants to transform this place into a luxurious exclusive night club.

The new night club in the Red Light District will be named “Muze”, according to van Otten. Red Light District” Jan van Otten in his “On the left side we have 8 live show cabins placed in a circle around a stage where you can get a peep at the live show that is going on at that moment.

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