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Denison added: “But he did know, from his extensive criminal history, that he had a tendency to become violent when drunk and drugged, and he must have known he presented a significant and serious danger to women.” A string of Whats App messages recovered from Ms Patel's phone showed the pair had first made contact in April last year.The prosecutor said they make "very sad reading," adding: "It is clear he wanted to meet up for sex and she was accepting of that." He later told Ms Patel his mother had died, that he wanted more than just sex and was looking for a life partner, promising: "I will treat you like a princess." The night before they first met face-to-face, Donnelly said: "If I come to you nurse me back to health... If you do that babe I will marry you tomorrow." The night of the organised date, Donnelly took two bottles of rose wine to her flat while she bought bottles of Magners cider for Donnelly.She agreed to tell her story to stop other lonely Kiwis falling victim and said her nightmare began when she created a profile on on March 12.Soon after she received a message from a man claiming to be an orphan widower with no family.There was no evidence a sexual assault had taken place. title of Perilous Strike Gaming - Index page IP address is 107.1 on Apache/2.4.23 server works with 13 Kb Html size."It was like a cloud of love, attention and affection that had engulfed me," the woman said.

The man said he was an American-born geologist who lived in New Zealand but was overseas on business.

He asked for 00 to cover the cost of replacing the documents and the next day said he needed 00 more.

On March 30, he said he needed extra money to get home, and wanted to buy the woman a Gucci bag as a thank you.

A spokeswoman said such incidents were "extremely rare" and a security team worked to remove "anyone who may compromise the experience of our community and investigate all reports of inappropriate behaviour".

Ministry of Consumer Affairs spokesman Richard Parlett said at least 10 Kiwis each month reported being scammed through dating websites but that was probably "the tip of the iceberg".

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