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A number of them admitted during interviews that Rotolo was in fact running the bar but gave different stories during testimony in private hearings before the Commission. During his private testimony, however, Abbato contradicted what hehad said in the interview: Q. Grant [Cuzzupe] called me up and told me that he wanted to meet with me, I asked him if there was anything that he might want to know from me, should I take any information with me and he said no, so I went cold. The license transfer to Ciani was approved in January, 1988, and six months later, Rotolo acquired a 50% interest in the real estate.

Waitress Donna Isabella admitted in an interview with Special Agent Grant Cuzzupe that she had been paid under the table by “Jane or Tony,” and that Tony was the boss. When you were interviewed by Agent Cuzzupe, you told him that it was Tony Rotolo who asked for the ,000 loan and not Ciani? To the best of my recollection, what he asked me I answered, you know. And when you told him it was Tony who wanted the ,000 loan, was that the truth? I might have thought it was, but I even thought that I gave Tony the money, but I didn’t give it to Tony…. A local newspaper article published shortly after Ciani obtained the bar and license identified Rotolo as the new owner of Sir John’s.

But when subpoenaed to testify, Isabella denied that Rotolo was her boss or that he paid her. Another associate of Rotolo, William Guarini, a local plumbing and heating contractor, performed renovations at Sir John’s. When John Ciani appeared in a private hearing before the Commission, he too invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege.

Joseph Fucci, a local building contractor, similarly contradicted himself. Work orders for Guarini’s services at Sir John’s have “Tony” written on one such document and Rotolo’s phone number on another. He did the same at the public hearing, resulting in Counsel Saros’ challenging his suitability to hold a liquor license.

Surveillances in January, 1992, did not find Rotolo at Sir John’s; John Ciani was present, however.

In conversation with Commission agents acting in an undercover capacity, Ciani indicated that he was now the sole owner, having recently bought out his partners.

So many delicious dishes to try, and their menu changes with the season.

For lunch the next day we went to Tuckers Tavern in Beach Haven.

(You might be familiar with their Philly properties the White Dog cafe’s (locations: University City, Haverford, and Wayne), Autograph Brasserie in Wayne, and the recently opened Louie Louie in University City where Penne used to be located).I was sad I was out of town on a press junket when the ribbon cutting took place. The Ribbon Cutting – Multi-million dollar project, funded and built by the Center City District The Reading Railroad viaduct was built in the 1890s to carry passengers and freight to Center City.This is a before photo, which I’m sure you can tell. The last train traveled the rails in 1984 and in 2003, a grassroots neighborhood coalition began advocacy efforts for the creation of a park on the viaduct.Rotolo’s wife was the tavern’s manager of record that time. Mauro “Moe” Abbato, the owner of Complete Vending, which supplied cigarettes to Sir John’s, told Agent Cuzzupe during an interview that he has known and been a supplier for Rotolo since he started his business in 1981. (Della Rosa has since been convicted on gambling charges.) In private session before the Commission, Della Rosa invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege in response to all questions regarding his association with Rotolo and Sir John’s.Despite observations by its agents, witnesses who appeared before the Commission repeatedly denied that Rotolo ran the business. COMMISSIONER DUMONT: I’m just interested in what you’re saying now. He initially loaned Rotolo ,000 that would be repaid through machine proceeds, and he supplied Agent Cuzzupe with collection slips as evidence of this loan. Shortly after Della Rosa’s license application was denied, John Ciani purchased the property and license.

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