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) that they need that persons presence to make them feel validated. I don't date because I choose not to date not because I"m not datable. I did date a few times, however it seems many women have problems.While I like helping people I don't want to date women with problems. His breathless tone of indignation aside, “Nope” did make a very interesting point about gamesmanship and its relevance to both sexes as a sexual market exploit. The value of female-specific game may seem nebulous to men, but with a long view in mind can be understood as more of a necessity to women.

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These latter two reasons aren’t mutually exclusive with the primary “beta male filter” directive, but they are more frivolous and the willingness by women to indulge those urges imply an intuitive grasp of their inherently greater sexual value.

I also have that judgemental moment( or two or 70) with some people and hope they never breed.

But, then I realize the wonderful people I've know that came from psycho parents and the wonderful parents I know that raised a psycho child. Not because I am psycho or pathological or just batsh*t crazy. Do I know there is someone out there that I am compatible with?

I suspect that for some, due to whatever factors, mating is simply not high on their list of priorities. So clearly anybody can get a date if their standards are low enough.

Others started well, made an unlucky choice, got meat grindered, and don't chose to continue. First thing, I think, is to find a way to be happy within one's self. Also much much easier if one is willing and able to avail oneself of therapy/support groups. Heck, I could have picked up a new boyfriend at the agency banquet tonight if a slow-witted geriatric philanderer did it for me.

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