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After complaining to Phoenix Singles, she says they emailed her two possible candidates. But they too didn't match her qualifications."On the 27 of March she sent me two more profiles.

One was 14 years younger and the other one didn't specify a birth date but he looked like he was probably in his 50s and so I wasn't satisfied with that either," Gray said.

In turn, she said she would be able to review profiles of available men who met her parameters."For height, I said minimum 6 feet, for age, I said between 60 and 70," Gray said.

Gray says days went by after signing up and not one profile fitting her qualifications popped up in her account. After complaining again, Phoenix Single sent another pair of candidates.

Frustrated, Gray contacted 3 On Your Side saying didn't feel she was getting what she paid for and wanted a full or at least a partial refund.

We reached out to Phoenix Singles, which refused to talk to 3 On Your Side on camera or by phone. Gray has not been proactive in her membership." They went on to say, "..are more than happy to help Ms.

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Local dating in Phoenix can yield experiences as diverse as our sunbaked heritage.

The contract verbiage states that the clearly Phoenix Singles’ membership contract within three business days after contract is signed providing member sends a signed, written notice to Phoenix Singles by certified mail, or personally delivers a signed, written notice to Phoenix Singles.” No such cancellation was received by us; subsequently, Ms. Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2017 PMSubject: Re: 3 On Your Side Ms.

Gray has not been proactive in her membership, however we are more than happy to help Ms. She is more than welcome to call the office and get assistance in finding someone for her.

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