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Whether your are interested in taking a step back through time or merely becoming better acquainted with the beauty of nature, we can provide you with numerous suggestions: There are large ruins of the massive border guardian castle (already mentioned in Anonymus chronicle from the end of the 12th and the beginning of the 13th century) on the hill just above the village Beckov.

Although each of the castle's owners (Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, the Ctibors, the Bánfis) did some substantial constructional renovations of the castle. Visitors can decide, from the castle's cliff, which sightseeing tour of Beckov they prefer: the late renaissance mansions, the Franciscan church and monastery, the Evangelic church and monastery, Ambrov mansion (museum), or the Jewish cemetery.

It used to be an early gothic fortress with the oldest top castle.After the Turzas, the castle became a property of the notable business family, the Augsburg Fuggers, from 1535.They rebuilt the castle to the massive renaissance fortress with the large warehouses. Its most important rebuilding is considered to be the baroque reconstruction in the 17th century.Magna Via is an organisation whose aim is to highlight, protect and promote the cultural heritage, natural beauty, tourist attractions as well as help developing tourism around the historically important 'Magna Via'- a former Imperial-Royal mail route dating back to the 16th century.Historically, the route was an important trade road that was often used by travelling kings. built the route through mountains in north Slovakia after the eastern part of the country was occupied by the Turkish Empire troops.

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