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Bret- tonneau in France la 169i Came In and try It today. NAMF.n DIAFAsr Diphtheria was Arst sped Acally dtacrlbed and named by P. pab Uabed M Isediag dsaiel Jearasla, ibal peop U Miai Aaim4dec H be the teat bed • r^ar Uen in the earn- her af aew eavitlea. 1949 users reparl beno- fklal rosultfl I-ecteei eo ile freaa IMS Amaad- deal aaers. edd la the nw-ard af pre«/ Ihet Amaa-4-d Ml reaiiaaee te be reepeosible fee redactna the a Msher af aew mrkim. ««Haaa end chlldreo, swera dmal records show dc Aa He rcdec Uoa ie amnber ef new csriiiea. Dentol |ournolt publish proof I Oely the Aaeme-dent fennala •a show pree/. Oc L A K-jrear-old woman waa killed and a man and a child were Injured In three aeperale acctdenta here today. THREE-CAR CRASH Earlier a three-car accident on Trunk Road. Cushman to King's Daughters' Hos- pital suffering from head Injuries. William Evans, went out of control, leaped a alx-foot wall and straddled a wire fence. immediately broadcast a "hit-and-run'' wanting to other uniu on the Island.

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Ans- comb with failing to co-operate, with '•acts of aggression” and re- cited a long record of grievance. left it weak because tt wat unable to raise its own money. • Trans-Canada Airlines added t^n dally flights to Its eight regularly scheduled tripe on the Vlctorta- Vancouver run. when the Marqms of Lome set November 8 as the day ‘to attend church and givf thanks." After the Great War. Who last night war elected new president of tjip Bt IUa Ii Columbia Progres Alve Con*ervallve Party, succeeding Girdnn Canieron, Vic- toria. ft was suted to- night that the party now has an esiimated 15.000 adherents sbrnit one Mentii of 1 per tent of Canada's people. he ronctuded: "There must be unity whether under Ans- mmb or under Mooea." Tor Mtia niere Truman Back From ( erinr* SISort Leiafrftse* £*‘e*ry rui.'^c Oewatn Jen*en. Oct 7 «IN8» — Pratidem Trui Dan returned to Waahingian today after an eight- day ervlm on Chenspcaks Bay and ihf Po U4M-~ River. We Will Deliver Your Tofkey Anywhere Within the 3-Mi Ie Circle for 25e TODAY’S PRICES FOR GRADE “A” TURKEYS Local Qradt “I” Young Hen Turktyt, 1 2 to 16 Ibt., lb. lb, 62c Local Grade “A" Young Turkays, 20 to 24 Ibt. Make sure that yos have these essen Ual cheek -u pa. READ THIS Should our Christmas turkeys be lower then today's prices quoted sbov*. Receipt will be maaed Small Site 30d Large Sixe 59, Ont. TO SWITZIR'J QUICK PREIZI LOCKERS LTD 1700 Blonskard St.. tfl Hude the ta Am Ba Uva bort- f Deposit Dote of Delivery je/ITTCD’C quick freeze " ■ ■ 9 La CKERS LTD 1700 BLANSMARD ST., VICTORIA. Minuter Herbert Anaeoenb came out the Con*er Tall Te leader, “an honeat Ivee In draf Ung amendmenu to Uie detail U being given aerloua thought of the B C. R • TROUBLE-FREE FIRING • PERIODIC CHECKS BY OUR FACTORY- TRAINED STOKER SERVICE MEN MEMBERS STOKER INSTIi UTE OK CANADA Victoria Wood & Coal Co. with I I preliminary evidence Indicating that^ ■ they were of recent manufacturt. Now clinical tce U show that It is probable that you and your children can baip prevent tooth cavities evwry time you hnu Jt pour u*i K — with this delightful taoihpasu. The Marshfield Junior High teacher was picking beme* when a shot a short distance away warned her that hunlers were near Seconds later a aecond bullet whistled near her aa she moved in the bruvh Instead of acrpaming. Three deer daahed past her as she ahoiited her song. B, 14 ri Mwtraa • 'ndss at VIrtorto 31 STOKER BLEND \Ol HECFAli: • THE HIGHEST QUALITY STOKER COAL • BLENDED PROPERLY TO GIVE YOU MAXIMUM HEAT — PROPER CLINKI. 740 BROUGHTON STREET PHONG C 1953 SPECIAL WASHINGTON. 7 1 IN 8 » - The navy said today It is investigat Ing lo determine .whether mines de- ® at toyed or delected off the east roast H I of North Korea are Russian made ^ A navy spokeaman reported the m jdcrtrucuon of two floaung mines * lend the detection of IS otlxrs. Here it is — Anm-i-dcnt Tooth- paste, ths Arst gsnuioe ammoni- ated toothpaste, made from the famous Anm-i-dent Tooth Powder formula. But not ot Quirk Soup; Saves Life Of Tfiaclier I 0006 BA^Orl, Ocl 7 i INBi.— Fineing "Olory. Hallelujah" eliminated school teacher Eva Pen- nock as a deer hunter's target and ruined the day for at least one huntsman. 2 A helicopter la aaid to have * "spotted a field of 16 mines eloaar to H I shore” but tn the same general area. You can have any aij* bird you require on our assy budget plan. They have been found to ehaoge thoee mouth ennditient which are praaent in rases of tooth decay. h O ne floating mine was destroyed S 31 miles north of the Sgth Parallel ■ and east of the dty of Koaong; the ■ other was destroyed ten miles ■ farther north. A furious deer hunter appeared almost as soon and demanded to know what in the blankety-bank she meant by singing Mrs. "I was a big enough fool to alng to keep a biggv fool from shooting me " The hunter blurted an apology and stamped off af Ur more gams SWITZER’S I It euta through Alai a»d feud dw posits « leav M your tooth hrtghi and dean I Your month will /aof cisanar — i eay» "Uy mouth never fait so alaao ! invirnratlng, delight- ful to taste — mmd you cam nnaa after oeing without destroying i|m ammoniated e/fec U Receiver! Rarely you want to de everything in your power to help yoor children have healthier teeth. "Bock of Tho Boy on Arano Woy" Wc cure the problem and make it painieva. How Amm-i-dent Works Carbamide and Dibasic Ammonium Pbosphats are the two active in- gredients in the Amm-i-dent for- mula usad in the eiinioal toeta.

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