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The trial of two men accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone has been adjourned.

Junior Bradshaw, 31, and Kevin Liverpool, 34, are accused of conspiring to murder the 'While You're Out Looking for Sugar' singer last year, but the trial has been put back to next March.

Joss Stone used to leave the door to her home unlocked and alarm off before being the target of a murder plot.

The 25-year-old singer appeared at Exeter Crown Court, South West England, yesterday () to give evidence against Junior Bradshaw, 32, and 35-year-old Kevin Liverpool, who were arrested in June 2011 after being spotted acting suspiciously near her home in Cullompton, Devon.

Stone, 21, tells the Evening Standard newspaper, "I think the way the Government treats our soldiers is really f***** up.

I do not understand why people are so mean about him. Read More » Joss Stone Rushes To Defend Tom Cruise Picture Inside.

However, Stone, British royals PRINCES WILLIAM and HARRY have persuaded pop star JOSS STONE to sing at concert to aid soldiers injured in the Iraq war.

The young princes befriended the soul singer last year (07) when she performed at a charity gig in memory of their late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

The singer has hired a legal team to help free her of her current three-album deal with the troubled music company.

British singer JOSS STONE is to take a break from her music career after landing her first major movie role playing a lesbian holiday park entertainer.

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