Play hard to get while dating

But what I quickly came to realize is that not all dating advice is created equal.

After that first date with Joseph (who is now my husband!

“When people are intentionally seeking a long-term, loving, caring, intimate partner, then playing hard to get will not be a fruitful approach,” he explained.

So how do you break out of the vicious cycle of playing hard to get?

Instead of worrying about how to win someone over, the focus should really be on authentically getting to know someone.

also encourages people to be genuine when investing in a serious romantic relationship.

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But when worries of how long to wait before responding to a text take center stage, no one is getting to know each other.

I’ll never forget how overjoyed my friends and family were when I told them that a great guy had asked me out on a date.

My friends from college, family, and even complete strangers, were so excited to offer their support.

The advice I became the most critical of was to “play hard to get” because it was a sure way to win a man’s heart.

This is something a mother may tell her daughter, but I doubt men are given that advice when preparing for a date.

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