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Despite the high price, the console's PAL region launch was a resounding success, selling more than 185,000 units in the UK alone, selling out of all stock nationwide in the UK within three hours of launch, more than doubling the previous first-day sales record of 87,000 units set by the Nintendo DS.The system also enjoyed great success in other areas of the PAL region with more than 25,000 units preordered in Australia The PSP is widely known by the series code (PSP-1000, PSP-2000, etc.).The PSP Go adds support for Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the use of compatible Bluetooth headsets and tethering with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.This also enables users to connect and play games using a Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 Play Station 3 controller or Bluetooth Headset.A new proprietary multi-use connector is used for USB connectivity. The new multi-use connector allows for charging and USB similar to previous units, as well as video and sound output with the same connector (using an optional composite or component AV cable), unlike previous offerings which had TV OUT and USB functionality on separate ports.Sony also offers an optional cradle (PSP-N340) for charging, video out and USB data transfer on the PSP Go, similar to previous offerings.The original PSP model (PSP-1000) was replaced by a slimmer model with design changes (PSP-2000/"Slim and Lite") in 2007.

It was the first real competitor to Nintendo's handheld domination, where many challengers, such as SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia's N-Gage, failed.

Sony has also confirmed that almost all UMD based PSP games released after October 1, 2009 will be available for download, In May 2010, it was revealed that Sony was then going to sell the PSP Go with ten free downloadable games in the UK. The same offer was made available in Australia in July 2010.

It was later revealed that Sony would also be offering three free games for the PSP Go in America.

The Play Station Vita features backward compatibility with many Play Station Portable games digitally released on the Play Station Network, via Play Station Store.

As of 2017, this is the primary method to purchase Play Station Portable games digitally because Sony shut down direct access to the Play Station Store via PSP on March 31, 2016.

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