Policy and procedure for updating charge master

A report from the Committee on Quality of Health Care in America published in 2001 observed that “scientific knowledge about best care is not applied systematically or expeditiously to clinical practice.I am optimistic that the process has improved some since 2001 however, I was on a Policy and Procedure Committee just three years ago and there was rarely a mention of current research findings during any of our Policy and Procedure review sessions.From the chargemaster perspective there are two main risks.The number one issue is whether or not you have an inaccurate chargemaster.In hospitals of 150 beds and under, the chargemaster is an afterthought.But even smaller facilities need to realize that you must focus on the chargemaster just as you focus on the revenue cycle.Someone, internal or external, needs to be doing comparisons against the CMS databases.Is there a reason why some facilities don't have a dedicated person assigned to chargemaster management?

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And the clinical departments in hospitals also make changes throughout the year.So, with this technology at their fingertips, it would be possible for the average nurse to go to their computer and look up data to determine how best to perform nursing functions in an evidenced based way.Admittedly, this would be a big, time consuming job initially but the benefits of using best practice could result in big cost savings for the hospital by improving efficiency, reducing complications and saving human lives.“Providing appropriate, effective and safe care where we know how to do it-no “medical mysteries” included-could annually prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans” (Millenson, 2008, para. Conducting the number of literature searches that would be required to update Nursing Policy and Procedure to reflect best practice based upon research evidence would be prohibitive if not for the Internet. Peter Yellowlees, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Health Informatics Program at the UC Davis describes it, “The Web offers an amazing combination of immediacy, global reach, personalization and specialization” (Yellowlees, 2008, p. Because of this ability to personalize and specify, once the policies have been updated, the process for ongoing updates can be started using a notification service like the one provided by Google Scholar.If you do, then you're not accurately reflecting to the payer world what you're doing clinically.It's challenging to keep the chargemaster accurate because the rules change throughout the year.

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