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But it certainly was not as Chloe has described."I was in love and I was hoping that once her fame took off that she would repay me with feelings and we would share the money."Evidence shown to the court featured the model leading police to the property where she was held, and the town where she went with Herba to buy shoes and food.

Video grab taken from ITV of British model Chloe Ayling appearing on Good Morning Britain where she has defended profiting from her alleged kidnapping ordeal by being paid for television interviews and writing a book.

(AP Photo/Antonio Calanni) After her release Ms Ayling said she was taken after turning up at a property in Milan for a modelling job.

One officer giving evidence to the trial described how the model suffered "physical violence including being drugged, handcuffed and brutally transported inside a suitcase".

Lukasz Herba, testifying in his own defense at an Italian trial Wednesday, said 20-year-old Chloe Ayling didn't know that the kidnapping plot was afoot when she arrived in Milan for a modeling job in July.

Herba said that he revealed it to her soon after, and that she agreed to it.

Ms Ayling, of Coulsdon, south London, has always insisted she has told the truth about her alleged captivity.

She told police she never tried to escape because she was terrified and believed Herba's threats that he was part of a bigger criminal gang that was watching her constantly.

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