Polite rejection dating

In the dating process it’s unlikely that the person rejecting you will have begun to really get to know you. Handling rejection and overcoming it will be helped greatly if you can maintain a positive attitude.

On last night's episode of the reality TV show 'The Bachelorette', millions of viewers watched as Joelle "Jojo" Fletcher gave Chase Mc Nary - one of three remaining contestants vying for her love - hope in the form of an invitation to spend the night with her: "What are you most scared of? They kiss romantically, before heading to a villa for their first overnight date.

If we point out our partner's shortcomings and how terrible they've made us feel, just as Chase did in the heat of the moment, perhaps it will give us a bargaining chip in rekindling the romance, hoping that our partner will see that while we have looked past his or her flaws, someone else may not be particularly keen to do so.

A lesson we can learn from Chase is how he handled the rejection after his initial emotional reaction: With understanding, care, dignity and respect for both the woman he had come to love and the relationship they had.

It is better to find out early on that someone isn’t really into you than to spend months or even years adoring someone who can barely remember your name.

As difficult as it can feel to do it is important that you don’t give up.

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