Pope mandating politics against gay marriage

As a society we cannot buy the products of our own labour outright. If you trace them through to their destination, debt servicing costs make up almost all of the cost of products we buy.

A large chunk of our taxes openly go to debt servicing, but by the same reasoning as for products above, the bulk of the remainder also goes ultimately to debt servicing. The debt money system pushes the economy into a vast hierarchy of control, with banks at the top.

So we have no option but to navigate this minefield. I tried to strike a balance between research quality and conservation of my time, and I did not always get this right: It turns out I was wrong to use the Holly Greig case as an example of a high-level paedophile ring. The Jimmy Savile case is a fertile area for this kind of investigation, because it is pretty clear that he was "protected" in his activities.

I'll correct this in a revision of the book, and try to progressively improve the book overall.

[In the book, Stephen prefaces the Agenda 21 material with an introduction to psychology and psychopaths (which you can read as a separate article here), in order to better understand how the elite are capable of implementing such plans as Agenda 21.

This abridged version will go straight into the Agenda 21 Sustainable Develoment material.

A sudden drain on the economy of a few percentage points (such as a new tax, oil price increase, or reduction in the issuance of new loans) over a year or so is all that's required to create this effect.

This, of course, is folly, because they have every reason to lie.

This plan is being implemented right now by stealth in your city, and it is picking up pace by the day. Then read on, because that is the subject of this book.

Sustainable Development – or what it represents – is big. By my estimation, the effects will be felt greatly by 2020, and it will be utterly in place by 2050.

To understand it, a lot of commonly held assumptions need to be overturned, and this can't be done in a short article.

That's why most introductions fail to convince, and overcoming that is the difficult task I have set myself for this 64 page book.

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