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For the first 9 months of 2017 (30 September 2017), there was a decrease of 50 people (citizens and residents) compared to 2016.In 2016, there were 9,492 HIV cases in Estonia, the highest number in the Baltic countries.Due to the availability of antiretroviral therapy, deaths from AIDS have stayed low since the introduction of protease inhibitors and combination therapy in the late 1990s.

Third, 1.3% of HIV cases were transmitted through injected drug use.In addition, significant attention should be paid to the Roma section of the population due to their marginalisation, and youths, particularly adolescents and primary school pupils in Urban areas.In the past couple of years HIV infection has been kept under control in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The nubmer of infected persons might be a bit higher, because of the fear and stigma people don't get tested.Some professionals estimate that there are between 900 - 1000 people who are HIV positive in Bosnia.

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