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Not such a brilliant summary, but the plot more than makes up for it. hehehe Classic/Hogwarts/Drama Rated: X 54 Chapters and an Epilogue (143,316 words) Completed 26 August 2007 Added 31 March 2007 (archived) Sometimes the best way to suggest a story is to give you little snippet ... Draco woke up in a strange bed after a Slytherin party where he had consumed entirely too much firewhiskey. As Harry and Draco try to deal with their messy past and unknown future, they delve deeper into the case and find out there's more to the kidnappings than they initially thought.The telltale soreness around his arse and in his throat gave some clue as to what he had been up to the night before, but he couldn't remember a bit of it. It turns out that the natural order of the wizarding world is at risk.Add in Harry’s trust problems, and it’s a good thing Draco’s confident. Or, how Harry and Draco went camping, encountered mud, and managed to survive with all their limbs intact.Post Hogwarts/Angst/AU/Romance/Major Character Death Rated: NC-17 18 Chapters (60,246 words) Completed 5 February 2009 Added 7 January 2012 (archived) Draco Malfoy was never very fortunate when it came to bringing pain and misery to a certain Mr. Classic/Post Hogwarts/Drama Rated: R 9 Chapters (108,033 words) Completed 6 September 2006 Added 10 Novbember 2008 (archived) This is a really well told story.Harry barely had time to take into account Ron and Hermione’s tear stained faces before he was grabbed from behind, his arms twisted painfully behind him while someone searched him and confiscated his wand. Powerful bonds abound with a bit of, no, a lot of Ron bashing!Harry gets caught while in his animagus form and is purchased to be a familiar to his worst enemy. (Ron is a very easy target for bashing with his absolute hatred of Draco Malfoy) LOL! Alternate Universe/Post War/Action Adventure/Angst/Pre-Slash Rated: NC-17 13 Chapters (54,869 words) Completed 27 September 2008 Added (archived) Draco is a Psyche-Diver, and his newest patient is Auror Potter, who’s been a pathological liar for over a year—and has just tried to violently end his own life.

Post Hogwarts/Action Adventure Rated: Teen and up 27 Chapters (80,791 words) Completed 14 June 2013 Added 13 March 2014 (archived) Harry has made a sacrifice to protect the wizarding world.

It had been something he'd been wanting to do ever since he'd fixed the oven. Sometimes the humor found in Harry/Draco dialogue absolutely sends me over the edge! Just when you think things are getting serious, along comes one of "those" comments that sends you howling in laughter!

Alternate Universe/Hogwarts 7th Year/Angst/Romance Rated: R 44 Chapters and an Epilogue (169,488 words) Completed 1 July 2005 Added 20 June 2007 (archived) During his seventh year, Harry learns that his life can change forever in a single moment in time.

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This is the ultimate Harry/Draco (Drarry) story list.

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