Preselection in dating

Pre-selection is the idea that women feel attracted to men they think are wanted by other women.When you have pre-selection with women, it can be very powerful.

I do want to say you will want to be careful with that because, while you can build pre-selection, you can also build what’s known as player vibe, and that is decidedly not helpful because that will make it seem that you’re just a player and you’re just out to get laid.A lot of times I get an email that goes like this: “This girl was really into me. but all of a sudden, she got cold, and disappeared like she lost interest.: The reason for this, is that, girls are into guys that they believe other girls are into. A girl will make herself completely available to you. ” The problem is that, by hanging out with her 4 nights in a row, it makes her think: “Man he jumped on this a little too fast. In contrast, a guy who gets a lot of girls is not won over too fast.I won him over a little too fast” (this is the little gut feeling she gets) She gets this little feeling that you were a little too “easy”… If you’ve got a friend who gets laid a lot, he’s not won over that fast.If all of these girls think you’re cool, then new girls you meet will think that you’re cool too, because they will think, “Oh, these three girls think he is cool, he must be cool.”Pre-selection is very, very powerful. Talk about an ex-girlfriend, they don’t have to be a model or a stripper or anything like that, just a pretty ex-girlfriend.It is psychologically proven through a variety of experiments that social proof works, and pre-selection is a form of social proof. You can talk about how you have a lot of female friends; you can talk about how you have one really close friend that you used to date.

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