Preselection in dating

You might have noticed this when you had a girlfriend. it seems that every girl suddenly now flirts with you.Even your girlfriend’s friends are kinda hitting on you.Their behavior doesn’t “say” to a girl that he’s being pre-selected by other girls. There’s always that guy who waits for girls to put a picture on her Facebook status or on her Instagram so he can comment on them.This guy always communicates one thing: “I have nothing better to do than to sit in front of my computer, and wait to see if I can start some form of communication with you.” Don’t be THAT guy.So be careful with the demonstration, but demonstration is better than verbalization for sure.Above is a very “eye-opening” video from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge that talks about how pre-selection with women works to get you laid.You want to verbalize like you’re not a loser, you have dated women before, that women do find you attractive.

I do want to say you will want to be careful with that because, while you can build pre-selection, you can also build what’s known as player vibe, and that is decidedly not helpful because that will make it seem that you’re just a player and you’re just out to get laid.In other words, if a girl thinks other girls are fighting for you, you become ten times more attractive to her. Girls assume a guy wanted by other girls must have good game. they are notoriously bad at figuring out if you REALLY do get a lot of girls, or if you suck.As guys, we experience this when we see a pretty girl dating an ugly guy. You see, women at first can only make a guess based on the superficial signals you give off. By giving off “I get laid” signals that cause women to become attracted to you. Pre-selection is basically the idea of demonstrating or verbalizing that you get women.The reason that this works is through the idea of social proof or group think.

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