Prevents avg from updating

I'm not usually one to believe in conspiracies, but I think it's safe to say that some antivirus companies create some computer viruses in order to scare people into paying the companies for their protection.I have but one thing to say about companies like that: Disgusting.In our paid products, customers can disable those notifications by clicking Menu Was automatically charged .99 to renew antivirus protection.Was unable to download, so let tech support try remotely. Contacted advanced support, where I, too was told I’d have to pay at least 9 for them to download. They have a 30 day policy, but I’ve been trying that long to get the product. I have had AVG for a decade, yesterday I clicked on the AP on my laptop and noticed the page looked different and did not have the AVG logo on it. I allowed them to emulate into my computer and during a scan a page of installed items appeared.I hunted it down manually by going through files that I didn't recognize.

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I don't want to even think about what the credit charges look like for her.I recommend against EVER installing this fraudulent program. As well as the non refund, install any AVG product and you will be bombarded with popups regarding online security and PC performance.From what other reviews I've read, looks like I got lucky that it wasn't worse. Another ploy to wear you down until you inadvertently click on something which allows them to debit your account. Hi, Howard: We assure you we'd never charge you without your permission and would like to help get this resolved.Found a Trojan horse linked directly to the company.No, I did not use another antivirus program to find it.

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