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Gripping, shocking and often funny, these films offer a strikingly frank and intimate portrait of the lives of ordinary men who do an extraordinary job.transports viewers to exotic locations around the world including Cape Town, Moscow, Rome and Cambodia, and is the latest in a raft of original drama commissions for Sky 1.In the darkest reaches of the Amazon, the diligent and always enthusiastic Lady Alexandra Lindo-Parker – on her first expedition for the British Museum – runs into Hooten – a rough edged, no-nonsense American treasure hunter with an eye for gold and only occasional charm.Hooten & The Lady is a yarn that rips and roars" Saturyda Review (The Times) "A raft of stunts set against dazzling scenery" Culture (Sunday Times) "An irresistable new eight-part series" Weekend (Daily Mail) What's it like to be in the SAS?

Background music costs an additional .) For six years, engineer Monica Valdez exchanged letters with Octavio Salgado through Write while he was in a Nevada prison on drug-trafficking charges. “I know a lot of people [who sell drugs] that haven’t been caught.” The pair exchanged letters for five years before Salgado agreed to visit him in prison. “He tells me how one letter changed his whole life,” Valdez says.Inmates serving long prison sentences can go years without seeing any friends or relatives.In Florida, for example, inmates averaged two visits — total — during their sentences.They are told in intimate, thrilling – and, above all, human - detail by the soldiers themselves, and illustrated with highly realistic and atmospheric drama sequences.First Aired: Monday September 5th 2016 Series five of Death in Paradise sees the return of DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and Sergeant Florence Cassel (Josephine Jobert) doing what they do best; solving ever more mind bending murders on the beautiful island of Saint Marie.

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