Ps3 keeps restarting when updating netflix

If you move your computer where the wireless coverage is not as strong, it may be harder for your computer to receive signals from Netflix.Further, an increasing number of devices use Wi-Fi; if there's an access bottleneck, the connection for each of the devices may not be as strong.Welcome to Just Answer.ccoom, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do the best I can to assist you. You also mentioned you reflowed the heatsync ( thermal paste ) your best bet at this point, is to modify your case, add an extra fan or two and a lot of extra holes. And since youve already reflowed the thermal paste and tried a new power supply and fan.. Question, if you take a strong box fan or normal room fan, point it directly at the ps3 with the case off, and then turn on the ps3 with that large airflow being pushed at it.. If it is a firmware problem how do I proceed since the ps3 will not stay powered on long enough to do any updates? By starting up the system in safe mode, then executing a menu option, you may be able to eliminate the symptom. It turned on and said system did not shut down properly and it did some sort of system check.Theres an issue where if you connected the ac cord upside down, it causes the overheat.. You want to make sure the white text on the cord is facing UP both where it plugs into the PS3 slim, and the outlet. This is definitely your next and maybe only option. Does it stay on longer, or does it still cut off within or under five minutes? Please note there is a chance that safe mode options will not fix the problem and your system will require service. If we put the device in the freezer, will it still start? Finished system check and it booted into the home screen it stayed on for 5 minuets then shut itself off followed by the 3 beeps and red flashing light. However it is very odd that after doing an update last week in the freezer it ran no problem for a few days. In that the results we are getting arent consistent and conclusive enough to warrant trying to replace any part yet, or to even be sure if a part needs to be replaced..Your playback could freeze if you're putting too much stress on your computer.Try restarting your computer and running as few programs as possible.

At this point you should just contact them and see what they say. Yet Netflix, is playing dumb about it even existing. :/turn your VPN/ DNS changer your not using one of those, unplug your router/into your internet settings (wired i assume) and set your dns to auto instead of whatever numbers ended up being saved in there.

Your computer's processor can only handle so many activities at once.

Many people like to watch Netflix media in one browser window while surfing the Internet in another, running a word processing program and more.

Netflix will run into problems like most video streaming services and this might be due to unexpected demand, server issues, or even planned maintenance when services stop working without knowing Netflix has planned downtime.

The most common Netflix problems would be a total outage with all on-demand services down, a slow loading video stream or distorted quality thanks to speed issues, log-in related problems, or no connection for an unknown reason.

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