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Read More » Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is the upcoming second expansion pack of Final Fantasy XIV, announced at the 2016 Fan Fest, being released for PC, Macintosh, and Play Station 4.

It officially marks the end of Final Fantasy XIV on Play Station 3,…

Read More » Metal Gear Survive was first announced on August 16, 2016 during the Gamescom 2016 event.[1] However, this was not the first time the concept of a zombie game was toyed with, as Hideo Kojima admitted on April 29, 2013 that…

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The classic Motorola logo is present too but it's pretty clear that Lenovo aims to make Moto a sub-brand of itself, especially considering the company's plans to replace its Vibe range with Moto smartphones.One of the drawbacks of System Update on PS3 is that it doesn’t have resume support.Therefore, you have to restart from the beginning in case download fails in between.Read More » In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, players wield a new Ring of Power and confront the deadliest of enemies, including Sauron and his Nazgul, in a monumental battle for Middle-earth.The open-world action-adventure game is brought to life through the expansion…

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