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They exist in order to “color” the Intrigue Story with conflict and drama. Specifically in the art of picking up women, keeping a series of Sub Plots has only objective: To create the illusion that both of you have got a lot of things to say to each other. You see, it’s never a good idea to talk a single topic to death. This will give you enough opportunities to latch on another “fresh” topic to keep you going. For example, she might say to you: See how this works? Once you know how to create Multiple Sub Plots, you won’t have shortage of things to talk to her.

With that technique, it’s really easy to come up with the questions to ask her in order to create continuous conversations. You don’t want to “fire up” a long series of questions that will completely her. Well, when a woman feels overwhelm, it triggers her brain to go from “HOT” to “COLD”.

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I had to run out of the bar because everyone was laughing at me… Many Shogun Method students use it to get their ex-girlfriends back, but we are here to day to talk about how to pick up girls, so let’s jump into that right now. It means that you can easily pick up a woman and make her swoon over you if you can (covertly) force her brain to be in “HOT” mode constantly.

including my wingman.) That was when I realized just how incredibly bogus those “Pickup Artists” were, and I fell deeper into depression. Truthfully, there and then, I was ready to give up. 🙂 How the female brain works can be boiled down into these two simple concepts: that exists inside every female brain: It can’t get “HOT” and “COLD” at the same time. The female mind is hard-wired in a way that only one of such state can exist at any given time. In other words, you want to stop her from turning into “COLD” mode where her rational thinking takes over. Here’s what we need to figure out next: how do we accomplish (2) above, exactly? Well, here’s the answer: Females get excited about things which are fresh, charming and unconventional.

Out of frustration, I wrote a long post on a popular “Pickup Artist” forum about quitting dating and resign myself to the fact that I was going to live a lonely life forever. (Rejections happen when the female brain turns “COLD”.) On the other hand, by keeping her in “HOT” mode continuously, she’ll continue to be overrun by her emotions while the rational part of the brain switches off completely. Whenever the female brain sees something which is unusual (in an interesting way), it becomes engaged in the “HOT” state.

…after all, guys won’t come up to me for advice if I knew jack about this stuff, would they? (That was what I had desperately wanted when I reached my own break point.) When Charlotte mocked me with a hyena-like howl after I confessed my feelings to her, I knew I had to get my problems with women sorted out quickly.

I’m proud to say that to date, we have helped more than 10,000 men achieve what they desire out of their love lives via face-to-face coaching here out of Calvin Street, Baltimore (and hundreds of thousands more through ) So, what happened which completely transformed my life (for the better)? And that was when I pretty much consumed every single piece of dating and seduction advice I could find. Manipulation ensures the continued existence of humankind.

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