Pua online dating conversation

this surprisingly can lead to countries and holidays VERY quickly) “My friends wants to have a ‘themed costume party’ this weekend.suggestions?

– PLEASE don’t say Super heroes, because everyone has suggested that” There are literally hundreds of opening lines both direct and indirect that you can use for ANY occasion on any girl that can be found HERE 3.

It’s kinda cool because most people here look so miserable” ( For the office) “Are there any where good to eat around here”?

( when she makes a suggestion, deliberately disagree with her choice and let the conversation move towards food, cuisine etc..

I suggest changing your speaking strategy to a similar one for better results. Good eye contact is a sign of a high-status individual.

These questions are VERY common, and the good news is that there are a MULTITUDE of ways to start up a conversation and most importantly, make it last long enough for her to gain interest and desire you!Myself and my team of expert instructors ( both male and female) have been showing men from across the globe how to do this through our regular BOOTCAMPS and SEMINARS and of course on my 7- DAY MASTERY COURSE.However, if you are unable to attend one of our worldwide events or courses, then here are some tips to help you: 1) Decide on the style of your opening line. Direct is when you convey your intention towards the girl RIGHT AWAY.I will say something like, “Today I went out and met up… Most people are used to people finishing their sentences, then pausing.So you can say everything you want to say by simply pausing when people least expect it. A good way to get people turned off by your speaking abilities is by having to repeat yourself over and over again.

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