Quantity value updating sap

You can enter several processing types for one action definition.

Under processing, choose: If the action consists of one single step, for example, create subsequent document or create credit memo item.

When the validity period for the quotation has expired, the quotation is automatically Set to 'completed'.

This action profile is assigned to the transaction type quotation.

You also specify general conditions in the action profile for the actions contained in the profile, for example:o The time period at which the system starts the action (for example, when saving the document)o The way in which the system executes the action (workflow, method call or Smart Forms).

In this activity, you create an action profile and templates for actions.

Only one business object can be assigned for each action Profile.During the method call, processing is carried out via Business-Add-Ins (BAd Is). You can also use actions to trigger alerts, for example, in the Enterprise Portal.For more information, see Using Actions to Trigger Alerts.o When creating your own BAd I implementations, make sure that the method 'get_ref_object' is always called from the class 'CL_ACTION_EXECUTE', and the method 'register_for_save' always at the end.You can define the action templates more closely in the following step “Change action profiles and define conditions”.For the action profile, the class which provides the attributes for your business object must be entered.

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