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Admin only has access to PMs in order to prevent unfair, or malicious behavior (i.e.

cheating, defrauding the site or other users, etc).

Users are reminded NOT to use FH as a wallet and to only deposit coins when needed. You can earn EXP in the following ways: • 3 EXP for every faucet claim • 1 EXP point for every 10 lottery tickets purchased.

However, XAPO have large deposit fees for small withdraws so we recommend only withdrawing large amounts over 0.00121285 BTC. Only the person you are sending the PM and Admin can read your PM.

Please do not contact support regarding unconfirmed transactions, we are not in control of the blockchain.

My withdraw is CONFIRMED and it's still not in my wallet If your withdraw is confirmed on the blockchain but the funds are not in your wallet, then please contact your wallet provider or seek help elsewhere as after the funds are sent there is You can earn EXP to level up by claiming from faucets, playing the games, and doing offerwalls.

Each deposit minimum is clearly shown in At times our email system can be slow and it may take up to 10 minutes or longer for emails to arrive.

In most cases they will arrive 99% of the time without issues.

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