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He is one of the last people zoche to receive shmicha from R Moshe Tz"l.

He was in Chinuch as a melamed for decades before accepting the mantel of leadership at MTJ.

Coupled with his passionate delivery and energy, he inspires his vast audiences.

He has written numerous articles on parenting and education for the Chazaq organization.

Rabbi Wagensberg serves as the head of his non-profit organization, “L’dor V’dor”, which is dedicated to reaching out to Jews from all walks of life, connecting them back to God and strengthening their Torah observance through motivational and empowering educational tools.​RABBI BINYAMIN PRUZANSKYRabbi Binyomin Pruzansky is the author of the popular "Stories For The Heart" series published by Artscroll publications.

R' Pruzansky delivers various inspiring lectures that truly speak to the heart and utilizes his stories to bring his message home.

He also spent 15 yrs as a Reserve Chaplain (Rov) in the US Army.

He has 4 Master degrees on many different fields of study.

In 1991 Rabbi Feldheim travelled to Vilna Lithuania to open the first Yeshiva there since before the war.

RABBI YITZCHOK FELDHEIMRabbi Feldheim grew up in Washington Heights, attended Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch & is a graduate of the Mesivta of Long Beach.

He spent the next four years in Monsey & Israel studying under Rav Shmuel Faivelson - Rav Zevulun Shwartzman & the Mirrer Yeshiva.

In 2002, he wrote One People, Two Worlds, a very controversial book co-authored with a leading Reform rabbi. Recently, he has been a guest lecturer at Gateways, in Fleischmann’s, in Anchorage and on two cruises. He inspired hundreds to come closer to Judaism and worked tirelessly for fifteen years before becoming the Rabbi of The Young Israel of Bal Harbour.

In addition, he has written 70 books in English, including history, biography, translations and a series of twelve historical novels under the pseudonym Avner Gold. He has made many speaking appearances, including North Beverley Hills, San Diego, Phoenix, the Upper East Side of New York, Toronto, Indianapolis, Hartford, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Rabbi Moshe Gruenstein started off with opening his own kiruv organization, Project Heritage.

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