Racism in the dating game

Since Clay/Ali himself was the racist any accusation like "You are racist if you insult Ali" is the same inverted type of logic and only proves my point.

As you may know Muhammad Ali's real birth name is Muhammad Ali next turned his attention to military campaigns beginning with Sudan which he viewed as a valuable addition resource of territory, gold, and slaves.

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) the longer you listen to him and his lack of education shines through the longer he is allowed to talk.

Liston claimed to have intentionally lost because of his fear of retaliation from the Black Muslimshus it's bizarre when Ali Fans accuse Ali critics of racism or islamophobia.

It's as bizarre as being accused of racism and Klan'ophobia for criticizing the Ku Klux Klan. But as I wrote at Wladimir Klitschko sucks because he KOs his opponents very often Ali-fans use inverted logic ("black equals white").

I have to put one knee and one glove on the canvas to get up. You can tell what a normal man is going to do but you can’t tell what a nut is going to do and Ali is a nut." Others believe that he feared for his safety from Nation of Islam extremists who supported Ali.

The latter theory was supported by Mark Kram's book Ghosts of Manila, which included an interview with Liston conducted years after the fight.

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