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Health care reform will make a difference, but the difference will be smaller than it appears when you focus on it.Evolutionary Biologist; Emeritus Professor of the Public Understanding of Science, Oxford; Co-Author, with Yan Wong, The Ancestor’s Tale (Second Edition); Author, The Selfish Gene; The God Delusion; An Appetite For Wonder Not all concepts wielded by professional scientists would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit.Income is an important determinant of people's satisfaction with their lives, but it is far less important than most people think.If everyone had the same income, the differences among people in life satisfaction would be reduced by less than 5%.A more prevalent associated word is "skepticism", originating from the name of a Greek school of philosophy .

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Let's not give the defeatist answer and blame it all on stupidity.When we think of what it is like to be a paraplegic, or blind, or a lottery winner, or a resident of California we focus on the distinctive aspects of each of these conditions.The mismatch in the allocation of attention between thinking about a life condition and actually living it is the cause of the focusing illusion. When people are induced to believe that they "must have" a good, they greatly exaggerate the difference that the good will make to the quality of their life.On average, individuals with high income are in a better mood than people with lower income, but the difference is about 1/3 as large as most people expect.When you think of rich and poor people, your thoughts are inevitably focused on circumstances in which their income is important.

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