Reasons for not consolidating subsidiaries

The accounting standards and policies and valuation criteria used in preparing the accompanying consolidated financial statements are as follows: All , arising from the accrual of interests and similar items are recognized under the headings “Interest and similar income” or “Interest and similar expenses”, as appropriate, in the accompanying consolidated income statement for the year in which the change occurred (see Note 36).The dividends received from other entities, other than associate entities and (gains or losses) are recognized as their net value under the heading “Net gains (losses) on financial assets and liabilities” in the accompanying consolidated income statements (see Note 41).However, changes in ” in the consolidated balance sheets.Changes in the value of non-monetary items resulting from changes in foreign exchange rates are recognized temporarily under the heading “Valuation adjustments - Exchange differences” in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets.

For this reason, necessary adjustments and reclassifications have been made in the consolidation process to standardize these principles and criteria and comply with the EU-IFRS.

As of December 31, 2015, there was no material financial support from the Bank or in the Glossary).

Particularly, the BBVA Group does not act as arranger but as agent since it operates on behalf and for the benefit of invertors or parties (arranger of arrangers) and, for this reason it does not ).

For this reason, an analysis of the structure and purpose of each investee is performed and, among others, the following factors will be considered: - Evidence of the current ability to manage the relevant activities of the entity according to the specific business needs (including any decisions that may arise only in particular circumstances).

- Potential existence of a special relationship with the entity.

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