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A cruel combination of circumstances, relationships and difficult choices meant they ended up living lives for which many people felt little compassion.Ms Mitchell said: "Prostitution is the visible face of economic crises.The deaths of individual women, they argue, often fail to capture public attention or sympathy, reflecting the negative attitudes many people still hold towards women who sell sex for a living.Prostitutes working the streets are most vulnerable.Efforts to curb the demand for prostitutes also mean clients are less likely to come forward with information, or even to rule themselves out of investigations into rape or other violence, for fear of the consequences.Cari Mitchell, from the English Collective of Prostitutes, said: "We have seen the same again and again in most towns and cities around the country; crackdowns force women into greater danger.It is only women living at the very edges of society, desperately trying to support themselves, their children, a violent pimp, and often an addiction, who are left working the streets.There are also a growing number of asylum-seekers and refugees, with no access to public funds and little, if any, social support, who work there to buy food, said Hilary Kinnell, author of Violence and Sex Work in Britain.

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Experts claim some police forces, the media and the public become interested only when there is a hint of some sensational element – a serial killer, say – to these crimes.As a result, women are discouraged from coming forward to report violence.One woman from Bradford, who wished to remain anonymous, has been assaulted four times in recent years.He said: "The police service is fully committed to protecting every member of the community, but, in particular, those members who are most vulnerable. "The complex problems presented by the sex trade industry, which can include drugs, coercion and serious violence, as well as the many needs of the victims, mean a 'one size fits all solution' does not exist ...Acpo has recently established a working group that brings together agencies with a role to play in addressing the challenges presented by the sex trade." Like many of the women whose killers have never been caught, those murdered in Bradford were living at the edges of society, trying slowly to climb back.

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