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If I shut down the computer and restart it one of the two folders will have a missing address bar.

It always the folder on the left that has the missing bar.

I have Nortons Internet Security 2011 installed and keep it maintained.

And I don't seem to have any other problems - no identified misbehaviours, no error messages.

Any help would be appreciated System Manufacturer/Model Number Self build OS Win7 Ult 32bit CPU Intel i7 960 4 Core 3.2 GH 3201 Mhz Motherboard Asus P6T SE Memory 6 GB Graphics Card Nvidia G-Force GTS 250 Sound Card Creative X-Fi Audio Processor Screen Resolution 1440/900 Hi Brink, and thanks for the welcome!

For some reason, I didn't get notified of your post, so apologies that I haven't replied or acknowledged it. But I think this problem has been going on since I first started using Windows 7 earlier this year.

6 GB of RAM and over 1 TB of free space on the designated scratch drive.

Maybe I need to do a complete re-installtion of Windows, but that's such a pain in the bum I've been putting it off!It doesn't matter if the pc is immediately restarted or if it's hours later.Again, this problem arose after updating to SP1 in both instances; last year when I first installed Win7 Ult and this year after replacing the hard drive and installing Win7 Ult.There may not be one; if I have two Explorer windows open and navigated to the same folder on the same drive, only one of the two might lose its Address Bar, so it doesn't seem to be location-specific.I know this isn't a lot to go on, but has anyone seen anything like this happen on other machines? A little more info: it's a completely legit, licensed retail copy of Windows, and I'm not running any pirate or hacked software.

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