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During the meeting, President Trump said he was proud of his administration's push to deport immigrants living in the U. illegally, saying of some of them, "these aren't people; these are animals." Sponsor: White House Topic: Immigration President Trump hosted California local politicians and law enforcement officials who had fought against the state's so-called sanctuary law, which aimed to protect immigrants living in the state illegally by restricting local law enforcement's ability to cooperate with federal immigration officials. police investigators at the scene of an early morning shoot engine oakland. i was having this conversation with an african-american friend who said look, when moynihan e predicted that communities most disadvantaged would be further harmed by policies that, in fact, reward families that are not together with responsibility parents, that that helps to create an ongoing pattern of disruption and we see that. Each of them praised the president's stance on immigration. coming up, what the victim's family told us about what happened here this morning. the young company surely and they met a year and a half ago at one of his events they have a baby now to. we see children who are-- >> let's pick out one strand, education. >> if you look at the way public sector unions have disserved the children who depend on them the most and it's definitely not only the teacher's job, as we know, when they bring in children from homes that were disintegrated and-- >> back to economics, right, nan? >> and then the next one, multiple tweets on sunday morning, here we go. never seen such republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton made...

  Downloadable table with fact checks organized by topic, date, and fact check sources   here . Congress Archive is one of several collections of TV news clips featuring public officials, with related fact-checks. At project launch (September 2017) we are collecting chyrons from BBC News, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC–more than four million collected over just two weeks. Chyrons have public value because: Breaking news often appears on chyrons before TV... you know, clinton thinks she is doing herself a favor using women as a surrogate. so, i don't know who is going to challenge her but lever does, you know i hear a very great his ball...>> and jeffrey, though, with that said, he continues to focus on others beyond hillary clinton. The 9/11 Television News Archive is a library of news coverage of the events of 9/11/2001 and their aftermath as presented by U. Television is our pre-eminent medium of information, entertainment and persuasion, but until now it has not been a medium of record. This Archive attempts to address this gap by making TV news coverage of... The project explored the public interest values of a digital library of 2014 political TV advertising, centered in the Philadelphia metro region.

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