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The image that is shown is a recent paper print taken from the actual negative being offered.With today’s digital technology available through Photoshop, these original negatives can easily be used to produce beautiful positive prints when correctly processed.” Bidding on this item starts Sunday and lasts through the following Sunday.

Riva’s book is hardly a “Mommie Dearest” expose — she clearly has affection towards her legendary mother — but at the same time, it doesn’t hide her foibles and eccentricities. Now everyone thinks they can wear trousers — so, what do I wear? The headline-hunters didn’t know of her illness until she was almost recovered. Almost as much as when Carole and William Powell got married secretly — a year ago June 26th!Wednesday, June 1, marks the anniversary of his birth, and to commemorate, Turner Classic Movies in the U. is showing 10 lesser-known Morgan movies made between 19. — “The Half Naked Truth” (1933) A fun pre-Code, directed by Gregory La Cava of later “My Man Godfrey” fame, featuring Lee Tracy as a carnival pitchman, as well as Lupe Velez and Eugene Pallette. — “The Nuisance” (1933) Tracy’s top-billed in this one, portraying an ambulance-chasing attorney with Madge Evans as his leading lady; Frank plays a doctor. — “The Cat And The Fiddle” (1934) Jeanette Mac Donald and Ramon Novarro are the leads in this operatic romance, with Frank as a wealthy arts patron.If you only know Morgan from the likes of “The Wizard Of Oz” and “The Shop Around The Corner” (the latter is increasingly gaining renown as the Morgan performance), you’ll enjoy seeing him in these roles and get a flavor of his ability to add zest to just about any film. — “Secrets of the French Police” (1932) Frank plays a French detective trying to solve a murder in a case that may involve famed Russian Princess Anastasia. (Above are Morgan, Novarro, Mac Donald and Jean Hersholt.) The final segment of this film was shot in three-strip Technicolor, a year before “Becky Sharp” became the first feature to be entirely filmed in this new process. — “By Your Leave” (1935) Frank was occasionally top-billed in lower-tier MGM films such as this one, where he and Genevieve Tobin portray a couple in a mid-life crisis.” Maybe the mallards were looking for the “Horse Feathers” set (remember the ducks’ appearance when Groucho Marx sings “Everyone Says I Love You” to “college widow” Thelma Todd? Later that month, “Sinners In The Sun” premiered at the Liberty in Spokane, Wash., and on May 18, here’s part of what the “Miss Lombard is svelte and stunning in her lavish wardrobe, but Morris would be better if he wasn’t quite so resolute. We had to sit on potato sacks and slide down enormous slides? We are referring to, of all people, Mae West: Riva’s word portrait of Dietrich and her amazing life will at times delight, shock or exasperate you … Fan magazines are a wonderful resource for Carole Lombard items and images, even if some of the former have to be sifted with a skeptical eye towards the Hollywood publicity machine.Some opening scenes of Miss Lombard’s quarreling family are quite overdone, but amusing, but the picture’s chief merit lies in its style shows.”“Bill Powell has discarded his tennis rackets for a set of golf clubs. Powell are being taught the more gentle art of the drive and putt.” No human being is immune from having his or her share of contradictions, and Carole Lombard and Marlene Dietrich, Paramount stablemates for much of the 1930s, certainly were not immune. I thought we were going straight through the wall into the ocean! At first, we weren’t sure what magazine the following page hails from, but thanks to Amy Jeanne, we discovered it was “Despite ill health, Carole stayed by her post until ‘Sinners In The Sun’ was completed — and THEN had a nervous breakdown.

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