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Fry's primary costume of blue jeans and a red sports jacket resembles James Dean in the movie Rebel Without A Cause.The pneumatic tubes that transport people all over New New York are an allusion to The Beach Pneumatic Subway, which was a failed attempt in 1870 by Alfred Ely Beach to move people around New York by air power.In the head museum if you look fast enough, a head of a man with brown hair and glasses can be seen, with the name Matt Groening written underneath.Matt is the creator of Futurama, as well as the popular cartoon sitcom The Simpsons.This is a parody of the scenes in the film The Time Machine based on H.G Wells' novel when the inventor pushes the lever forward on his Time Machine and sees the world, and time, moving forward very rapidly.

Matt uses the "J." middle name, referring to one of his favourite shows, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

When the head of Richard Nixon says "You just made my list! Nixon kept an 'enemies list' of over 200 people whom he believed were part of a conspiracy against him.

The 'Suicide Booth' is based on a Donald Duck cartoon where he went into the future and played numerous coin-op devices which injured him severely.

One of the cars on the street before Fry and Bender enter the Head Museum looks like a Volkswagen Beetle.

It swerves past a Slurm truck that was going too slow.

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